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From the colourful streets of Kathmandu, to the remote valleys run by holly rivers flowing down the Himalayas, along dusty roads on board of Jeeps or picturesque buses, we had the chance to discover a completely different world from ours, both for habits and culture.

Camping along the river, sleeping under a tarp and dining sitting around a camp fire under a sky full of stars of this mystic land we lived one of the most intense trips of our life.

DAY 1. Arrival in Kathmandu

and accomodation in the Holi Lodge

DAY 2. Day in Kathmandu

gear and equipment preparation for the river trip

overnight at Holi Lodge

DAY 3-4. early departure till Basantapur

departure for a 3 day trekking

overnight in the villages along the path

DAY 5. last day trekking and arrival on the Tamur

overnight at the river put in

DAY 6-9. river trip on the Tamur river ( III-IV )

overnight along the river

DAY 10. take out just after the confluence with the Sun Koshi around mid day

transfer to Charaudi Beach Camp

overnight at Charaudi Beach Camp

DAY 11. day sun on the Trishuli river (III+)

overnight at Charaudi Beach Camp

DAY 12. return to Kathmandu

overnight at Holi Lodge

DAY 13. day run on the Bote Kosi and on the Bolefi Kohla river (optional)

overnight at Holi Lodge

DAY 14. departure from Kathmandu


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