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Kriminal kayakers the originals
Puente Futaleufù - happy students after a Puente a Puente lap

Story -

Kriminal Kayak emerged in Italy in 2009 from the shared passion of four friends, (Gabri, Billy, Bacci and Jaco) united by their love for kayaking and a desire for adventure. With the aim of exploring new river runs and sharing intense and adventurous moments, they formed a tight-knit group known as “KK” – underlining the glimpse of craziness, typically belonging to extreme sports, and addressing all those who like to be “out of the box.


Their pursuits extended beyond river runs, delving into the realm of freestyle kayaking. Through regular training sessions and occasional escapes to France to be able to train in oficial freestyle spots, their skills sharpened, and their camaraderie flourished. Despite the inevitable challenges and setbacks, their dedication never wavered, propelling them into recognition within the Italian kayak community.


Tragically, in 2011, the group faced a devastating loss when one of their founding members passed away. Though shaken, their bond endured, and they emerged stronger, commemorating their friend with the development of the Exo XG playboat in collaboration with Exo Kayak.


As their passion continued to thrive, one of the founders turned kayaking into a full-time vocation, transitioning from teaching to organizing global river expeditions. Their community grew, drawn to the allure of adventure and the genuine camaraderie fostered within Kriminal Kayak.


In 2015, supported by Exo, Kriminal Kayak officially registered as an association and established a base in Nervi, Genova, fulfilling a long-held dream for the founders and honoring the memory of their departed friend. This milestone marked not only a new chapter but also a commitment to sharing the joy and simplicity of kayaking.


Expanding their horizons, Kriminal Kayak ventured to Chile in 2019, establishing a headquarters on at 15 minutes from the put in of one of the world's most thrilling river. This move led to a partnership with Waka, enhancing their kayaking experience and opening new frontiers of exploration.


In 2023, Kriminal Kayak evolved into KK TURISMO AVENTURA Y EXPEDICIONES LIMITADA, shifting their focus entirely to the rivers of Chile. It marked the conclusion of their Italian journey and a dedicated commitment to the awe-inspiring landscapes and challenges of Chilean waters.

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