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08.-11th June 2023 WHITE WATER FOR WOMEN LEVEL 3-4- Let's celebrate the river...

Updated: Jun 19

For all female kayakers who would like to dive into the river world.

4 days in the magical Saanen Land in Switzerland, we'll work together on our whitewater skills, we'll exchange ideas around a campfire and we'll enjoy the element of water & mother Nature with all our senses. The focus is on kayaking independently, improving our paddling techniques to become efficient and elegant on the river as we would dance with the current.

We became more and more aware of how important it is to learn certain things in an environment that is reserved only for us girls. For centuries, in a wide variety of cultures, women came together in communities. For good reasons. It makes us strong ...and happy!

This course will be held by Franzi from Los Leones and Vicky from Kriminal Kayak.

Peace & Riversmiles


€ 600.-

The price includes the training on the water.

Travel, accommodation, meals and equipment are not included.




08.-11th June 2023

4 Days


This camp assumes that you are comfortable on WW III+.

To participate in this course you must: fit able to swim in current

...paddle independently on WW III willing to learn new things

Skills you should already be able to use in WW III+.

Independently recognize eddies and currents

Entering and exiting eddies

Making ferries

Communicate clearly using hand signals

Throwing and accepting a throwing bag

Swimming in the current

Performing an eskimo roll in the current

Ideally, you have already attended a rescue course.



  • Scouting

  • Choosing a line

  • Safety in a team

  • Eddie by Eddie

  • Taking advantage of the river's currents

  • Tactics and Plan B

  • Paddling technique and efficiency

  • Choosing the right paddle stroke and styles

  • Dynamic kayaking

  • Active and passive paddling

  • Dance with the current

  • Learn to visualize your movement sequences.

  • Coaching and individual topics


  • Trip preparation

  • Safety and Rescue

  • Communication

  • Scouting

  • Fluid Mechanics

Our camps have predefined topics, which can vary depending on the river and the group. We want to focus on the individual and pick you up where you are at the moment.


for more infos write me on whatsapp: +39 3389209157



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